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Solr Support

We support Apache Solr since January 2007.

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We provide independent Apache Solr consulting services and audit: architecture, prototyping, design, implementation, relevance tuning, performance tuning and monitoring, load stress testing, and capacity planning.

We have valuable experience in migrating commercial search products like FAST, Autonomy, Verity, Algolia, Endeca to Apache Solr.

We can also help you with Algolia and Elasticsearch integrations.

We provide domain specific natural language processing (NLP) Lucene/Solr solutions, analyzers, tokenizers, ranking algorythms, named entity recognitions and resolutions, tagging, and categorization.

We provide complex, large scale enterprise Solr Search Architecture and integration, including Near Real Time (NRT) Search, integrations with Kafka, ActiveMQ, Mulesoft, Solace, MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Hive, Nutch, Tika, Hadoop, Spark, SAP, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Databricks Delta Lake, GraphQL, Spring Boot Microservices, Angular, Node.js, and more.

We design specialized domain-constrained web crawlers, robots, and clustered agents frameworks, we provide vertical and federated search solutions, external stream subscribers (Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, RSS aggregators, Public and Private RESTful API integrations) and mining pipelines: social networks, shopping and review sites, economics, medicine.

We design and tune geo-spacial micro-search Lucene indices: mobile devices, GPS.